My journey to a zero waste lifestyle





Hi there!

My name is Adele and I am on a journey to living a zero waste life style.


Living in Cornwall I have witnessed first hand how anthropogenic waste has impacted our environment. I have recorded marine life entangled in plastic and observed coastal locations covered in litter. I decided to make a change after watching 'A Plastic Ocean'and realising that I was contributing to this ongoing problem. 


This blog will be used to share information and shed light on the common problems we face today regarding waste and plastic pollution.

I will be sharing my top tips as well as my own journey on how I'm producing less waste in my life. 

I will mention now that it is impossible to be completely ZERO waste.

~ Zero waste is a movement and a goal to reduce the amount of trash you create ~

The aim is to eliminate sending waste to landfill and to prevent our trash for entering the environment, damaging our ecosystems and our animals.

By taking little steps in our own lives to reduce our impact we can make a massive difference. By making a change we are creating awareness for our environment and awareness as to how much trash we create on a daily basis. 

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and I hope it interests you and inspires you to reduce the amount of waste you create and possibly join the zero waste movement. 

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